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Mr. Suman Banik is the Best Tattoo Artist in Kolkata. He is one of the most experienced and passionate Artist.
If you are too eager to wait about tattooing, Its good (and important too!) to check out the profile of the tattooer first and also to make sure if he/she has the sufficient knowledge to let you out of the parlour with no infection, germ infestation and with a marvelous piece of art on your skin. And for the employees of the sectors, where visible tattoo, while wearing the office attire is not permissable, please keep that it mind while coming to the parlour. And for those guys and girls, who is thinking about the pain, or really scared but have a great desire to get inked, One little thing to remember, don’t do it all at once. Target for the small one, then you can go big! “Though tattoo is a medical art form, but tattoos represents your soul and personality together. It reflects the inner you, so that you can be confident around self-more and more each day”, Suman concludes.
" An Everlasting Gem That You Will Take Into Your Grave...."
How it Started

Suman Banik is a Kolkata based Tattoo Artist. When Suman was in Canada, he gradually became interested about tattoo art. Returning to India, he finally decided to be a Tattoo Artist. After that, Suman came back to Canada and started to learn about Tattoo art, professionally. He completed his course from International School of Body Art. Furnishing his knowledge, he learned about the blood borne pathogens and how to prevent them while tattooing, for more hygienic and wholesome body art experience. Needless to say, this course is very crucial and highly recommended for everybody artist. Now, there are many tattoo artists in kolkata, but the basic need about a clean, hygienic body art, is majorly overlooked. Sometimes, they do not even have the slightest ideas about the blood borne pathogens, and what devastating effects it can cause on skin and health. On completing his courses, Suman came back to his city in 2015, and finally started his own Tattoo art studio in kolkata and established himself as a Best Tattoo Artist in Kolkata .

Best Tattoo Artist in Kolkata
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