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  • 311, R.B.C. Road, Suniti Apt GF, Jessore Road, Dum Dum, Kolkata-28
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Human Old Art Tattoo is a long-standing, highly rated tattoo studio and the best tattoo studio in kolkata. Operating in the heart of Dum Dum, Kolkata since 2015. We are certified (inspected) as well as recommended by the Bloodborn Pathogens For Body Art.

Suman Banik

Tattoos are not only a stroke of ink on your skin but also an emotion, which we make for you. The Best Tattoo Studio in Kolkata, Human Old Art Tattoo Studio Offers various tattoo services


For a premium result, at our shop we combine modern with the new ones with proper technique and indepth knowledge

tattoo design

Innovative concept which incorporates the essentials of the art world through the combination of an upscale tattoo design

cosmetic tattoo

A semi permanent paramedical tattoo which enhance your beauty in a dramatic way with proper medial knowledge.

budget friendly

Human Old Art Tattoo provides you a complete budget friendly solution and also strictly maintain all the safety medial measure.

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Cosmetic Tattoo

You have a story to tell through your tattoo and you need an expert to craft it for you. Here, at Human Old Art Tattoo we bring your story into visualization, add emotions to it and bring your story into reality. We have highly experienced and certified Artist insuring the most creative tattoo that you can cherish for the rest of your life. At Human Old Art Tattoo we offer hygienic environment with a wide range of ingenious, artistic and certified personals. The Best Tattoo Studio of Kolkata, Human Old Art Tattoo is one stop solution for all kind of artistic tattoo requirements. We follow international ink trends to deliver one of the best trending tattoo in the world

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Suman , you are a really great & honest artist. Thanks a lot for making my 1st tattoo experience as well as beautifully from you. Suggesting every one , who want to made tattoo , he / she can do from here. Really great job done by you. Carry on bro.

Really the Best Tattoo Studio in Kolkata

Sandip Bardhan



We work with our own sketches as well we can perform a work using yours. We have the best Tattoo Artist in Kolkata

Suman Banik

Tattoo Master

"Our bodies were printed as blank pages to be filled with the ink of our hearts"
― Michael Biondi
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